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FCAT POC - Fidelity Investments 

Internship, UX/UI Design, User Research

Designed UX for proof of concept designed to catalyze innovation across the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology in Boston, MA.


Human-Centered Design Co-op




July – Dec 2023

(6 months)

My Impact


Delivered proof of concept MVP within 6 months, in collaboration with cross-functional experts throughout research, analysis, and design stages.


Defined project scope, problem space, and conducted user research and data analysis using, Miro,, and Figma.


Conducted in-depth research to understand consumer pain points and background. When innovating, all of our work was guided by our overarching problem space.



Structuring stakeholder meetings with a clear objective and requests. Instead of going too deep into the work we completed and how we achieved XYZ each week, I maintained meeting efficiency and interest by setting up meeting priorities to narrow focus and feedback.


Explaining the why instead of the process. Guided by the Simon Sinek Golden Circle, I learned to communicate the purpose and significance of my findings during stakeholder meetings to ensure adherence to user and business needs.


Being pro-active and creating without boundaries. As an intern cohort, we were granted the autonomy to define our project scope and direction with the overarching objective of creating an innovative out of the box solution. We worked closely and iteratively with experts to challenge the status-quo and current market of solutions.

My Experience 

My internship experience was characterized by immersive hands-on learning, dynamic collaboration with cross-disciplinary teams, and a multitude of opportunities for innovative thinking. I feel privileged to have had worked alongside a diverse group of talented experts within this innovative incubator, and I am so thankful for the personal and professional growth I've achieved during this six-month period.

All of my work during the co-op is under an NDA.

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