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Hi! I'm Autumn 👋

I'm a passionate UI/UX designer with the mission to use design as a catalyst for connection. I'm currently a third-year Business Administration and Design student at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.


Growing up as the quintessential art kid, I found myself immersed in various mediums - from film photography to studio art to video-making. These creative explorations laid the foundation for my deep appreciation of the art of storytelling.

I’m drawn to the world of UI/UX design through it’s intersection of strategic thinking and creative problem-solving. As an avid people person, my goal as a designer is fueled by a genuine passion for understanding others and using empathy to create experiences to enrich and connect those around me.

Check out my triad of creative outlets: Fung's Freelance

📹 Fung's Films (YouTube channel↗

📸 Fung's Flix (Photography account↗)

🍓 Fung's Food (Food diary ↗)

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